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Breath Explor is a breath sampling device which is non-invasive and simple to use. The device collects particles from the most distal parts of the lung through impaction. The samples can be analysed for the presence of drugs-of-abuse or clinical biomarkers.

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Here, you can read more about the scientific background for breath sampling for drug analysis and clinical purposes. Breath Explor collects aerosol particles from exhaled breath through impaction, a quick and non-invasive method of collecting analysis material from the most distal parts of the lung.

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Sample Preparation and Robotics

A Breath Explor sample is clean and easily extracted, without background material from the device itself which otherwise may disturb analysis efforts. Both manual and robot-assisted sample preparation are possible. We can provide a turnkey solution including LC-MS/MS, robot preparation, a customised speedual centrifuge and a customised freezer.

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