Sample Preparation and Robotics

A Breath Explor sample is clean and easily extracted, without background material from the device itself which otherwise may disturb analysis efforts. Both manual and robot-assisted sample preparation are possible. We can provide a turnkey solution including LC-MS/MS, robot preparation, a customised centrifuge concentrator and a customised freezer. Please read more below, or contact us for more information.

Automated preparation with collaborative robots

Breath Explor is available as a complete solution, including robotised sample preparation. Swedish-Swiss multinational company ABB AB’s collaborative robot YuMi prepares a Breath Explor sample in under 60 seconds. This includes preparing collector A for analysis and the B and C collectors for freezer storage.

A collaborative robot, or cobot, is a robot working together with humans. Thanks to YuMi’s rapid and precise handling of Breath Explor samples, the preparation time is reduced to an absolute minimum. Less demands are also placed on laboratory personnel – just press play, and YuMi will do the rest. The cobot has been in use for Breath Explor preparation at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.
A solution including Breath Explor, YuMi, and robot set-up is available for purchase through us. Please contact us for more information.

For a video demonstration of YuMi preparing a Breath Explor sample, please click here.

Manual preparation

It is also possible to prepare a Breath Explor sample manually. Tools for simple disassembly and preparation of the Breath Explor device are available for purchase.

The manual preparation procedure is uncomplicated. The Breath Explor device is disassembled with the help of the disassembly tool. The collector unit is then placed upside down in the tool, above three empty vials. The collectors are pushed into the vials using the provided multi-tool, see photo.

The vials with the collectors are then moved one at a time to the single-vial holder, where liquid is added before the collector is removed using the other end of the multi-tool. After the collector has been removed, the lid is closed, and the vial is ready for analysis or freezer storage.

For a video demonstration of the manual preparation procedure, please click here.

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